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Art No. JI-225

Name:  Pipe Wrench, Stillson Type.

Material: Carbon Steel.

Finish: Full Painted / Half Painted of any colour.

Size Range:  8"/200mm, 10"/250mm, 12"/300mm, 14"/350mm, 18"/450mm,24"/600mm, 36"/900mm

Drop Forged, Pipe Wrench Stillson type, duly hardened & tempered.
Art No. JI-227

Name:  Pipe Wrench, Heavy Duty.

Material: Selected Cast Iron Steel Body with drop forged jaws.

Finish: Full Painted of any colour.

Size Range:  8"/200mm, 10"/250mm,12"/300mm, 14"/350mm, 18"/450mm, 24"/600mm, 36"/900mm

Pipe Wrench, Heavy Duty type, made from selected Cast Iron Steel body and drop forged jaws, hardened & tempered.
Art No. JI-306

Name:  Ring Slogging Spanner.

Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel.

Finish: Black / Zinc Plated / Chrome Plated.

Size Range:  24mm - 115mm. SAE sizes also available.

Drop Forged, Ring Slogging wrench, hardened & tempered.
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